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We are committed to digital retailing by providing new and specialized digital signage technologies to improve consumer experiences in the traditional brick-and-mortar world. We make a variety of consumer and associate-facing solutions for a variety of industries-software, graphic interface and content. We create, implement, source the best hardware from the world's best suppliers and manage everything end-to-end to a better system. Our team will work with you to design, deploy and manage a customized digital signage solution that's right for you and within your budget. Focus on your business and we take care of the rest.

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Digital Kiosk

Non-Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive Digital Way Finder

Video Wall Digital Signage

Menu Digital Signage



Stunning Quality with 4K Ultra HD

With all of the features of our full HD players, the XMP-7300 steps it up a notch with full 4k playback. Integrate full 4k video with 1080p HTML5 playback for dynamic presentations. Supports H.265/HEVC codecs for playback of full resolution 4k video at high-bitrates, for artifact free crystal clear UHD video. Like HD players, the XMP-7300 still runs fanless and operates in high-heat conditions up to 50C/122F.


ASmall, Compact, Easy-to-Install

Our MBR-1100 Wireless Media Player is our most compact player – designed for direct HDMI installation right into your screen. About the size of a deck of cards, the MBR-1100 is still exceptionally powerful, supporting full motion HD video and smooth graphics playback. Simply plug-in power and configure Wi-Fi and you have a full HD and HTML5 capable media player ready for advanced cloud-based content.


Full HD and HDMI in for Advertising playback

The XMP-6400 allows you to integrate video sources with dynamic HTML5 or image content to create advertising overlays and live video playback on any screen. Along with all of the same features as the XMP-6250, the XMP-6400 includes an HDMI input port. Add any video source, from a camera to live-tv, and play this back in real-time with ad based content.


Absolutely Beautiful FHD Playback

The XMP-6250 delivers hardware HD video playback for smooth 1080p video – and advanced onboard processing power for stunning HTML5 content playback. Plug in power, network and HDMI, and you’re ready to go. It keeps its cool during 24/7/365 operation with built-in self-recovery to keep things running regardless of conditions. Includes a micro-SD port with expandability up to 32GB for longer presentations.



    Digital signage in QSR has an immediate and lasting impact with consumers, connecting the digital experience in the restaurant to the mobile device.


    The most innovative companies are not only deploying Digital Menu Boards (DMB) but using a variety of sizes of screens and types of interactions to engage with their hungry patrons.

  • Video Wall Digital Signage

    A video wall is a special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen.


    Smart Communication

    Digital signage in retail delivers the shopper experience that connects the online and on-mobile marketing to the physical in-store experience


    Chris Sports

    Retailers are using digital screens in conjunction with mobile apps and beacons to deliver a holistic customer experience across all the various media touchpoints that a consumer engages with.


    Internal Communication

    A necessary tool as it provides a inuque platform for engagement while they're not sitting at their desk. As BYOD and the movement of a more mobile workforce have taken over the modem office, you need to find new and innovative ways to communicate quickly and impactfully.

  • Digital Kiosk

    It provides a high-end display that engages customers at a glance and leaves an exciting visual experience.

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We certainly value long-term business partnerships and appreciate the opportunity to build that relationship with the introduction of this new technology solution.

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